These are simple to use programs that you can use to run your life:

unless your wife is already doing that!

Memo:  Store any file, in any format, find it and open it quickly.  If you don't remember where you saved it you can find it quickly using the search form.

Password:  Store all your passwords with their web addresses.  Just click to open the web address in your browser and then copy and paste your user name and password (much safer than storing it online).

ToDo:  This is a great place to keep track of miscellaneous items.  Like where to go horseback riding on the beach or good travel agents or whatever.  

Add Bk:  Store names and addresses and phone numbers for anyone.  You can also store groups such as Church members or co-workers or businesses.

Purchase:  Keep track of all your purchases with receipts and place 'expecting on' dates in the calendar.  May add multiple items under one heading.

Checking:  This is a fun program to use.  You can find anything in the reporting feature.  You can use this for a business or apartments or whatever.  Any transactions can have unlimited sub-transactions .

Bible:  Some topics I have added scripture to.  Like, are we to keep the commandments?  How do we show our love to God?  Should we go to church on Sunday?

Calendar:  Several of the modules have a place to connect to the calendar.  I use the calendar as a place to put things I must do.  It's extremely helpful.
Code:  For the programmer - to store code snippets (making it easy to re-use already tested code).

Instant:  A place to store meaningless memos such as recipes.

Trading:  Keep track of your shares including date, time, prices in and out and enables you to do 'what if' scenarios.

Job Cost:  Good if you need to keep track of costs for jobs or apartments that you can give to your accountant.  Can also use the checkbook module for that.
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